Cakey Pancakes (vegan, gluten free, oil free & sugar free option)

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Don't you just mean Pancakes, Tiny?

No, no, really, Cakes in a (frying) Pan is what I wanted to call them.

Because, my friends, this creation really evokes the fluffiness and taste of a cake to me more than it does a pancake. And I know that's also a little why pancakes are called that, because they're a cross between crepes and cakes, but these are even more cakey than that.

As some of you may know, I've been on a whole foods challenge for the last couple of weeks and, on weekends, I've been allowing myself some slightly more indulgent foods (because I'm only human). But that doesn't mean I am ready to sabotage all my efforts be re-introducing gluten or any highly transformed foods either. With this in mind, my goal was to create airy little pancakes that would be gluten free, make use of some of the oat pulp I always have so much of, and be a little less floppy than the usual banana-oat pancakes one can find out there. Not that there's anything wrong with those, I absolutely love them! I just wanted something a little more elaborate.

Enters whole rice flour. Probably the one ingredient that made all the difference. Indeed, not only did it give the resulting pancakes a pleasant crumb, but it also brought the taste to the next level.

Living in a tiny mobile home without an oven could have put a damper on my culinary creativity, but it seems to have had the opposite effect, forcing me to think outside the box.

Don't let lack of space, equipment or even ingredients ever stop you from experimenting in the kitchen if you truly love it. There's always a way around, a switch to make, a new method to explore, a pinch of magic to sprinkle in. In that spirit, I encourage you to play with this recipe as much as you like. Use different flours, apple (or pear, or whatever!) sauce instead of banana, throw in some spices (cardamom would work great), call it dessert, breakfast, snack, dinner even if you like!

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Just so long as you enjoy the process as much as the result, cooking can and should be and experience in and of itself. Celebrate your ingredients, lose yourself in the creative act. And the beauty of plant based ingredients is certainly that, no matter the outcome, it will always be consumable. It may not always be fantastic, but it will never be atrocious, or even dangerous like a badly prepared meat based dish. What is there to lose?

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So what do you say, should we all take the drama out of cooking?


Vegan Cakey Pancakes

For about 10 pancakes



1.5 cup oat mylk pulp

5 tbps oats reduced into a flour (measure before grinding the oats)

6 tbsp whole rice flour

1 small banana (mashed)

1-2 handful dried fruits or a few berries (I used mixed frozen berries & raisins!)

1/2 cup plant based mylk (I used oat)

2 tsp baking powder (make sure it's aluminium free & gluten free if necessary)

2 tbsp rapadura sugar (optional)

1 small pinch of salt

+ The chocolate sauce from this ice cream recipe goes soooo well with these fluffy Pan Cakes

More berries or anything else you'd like to top your cakes with

Coconut oil for frying (it also helps them taste out of this world delicious BUT, if you have a non stick pan and prefer to cook oil free, don't hesitate to do that!)



  • In a mixing bowl, combine the oat mylk pulp and mashed banana

  • Add in the sugar if using and salt

  • Fold in the oat flour, the baking powder and the rice flour in that order, making sure everything is well combined before adding each ingredient.

  • Add in the mylk and mix until everything is well combined

  • Throw in the raisins &/or berries and stir delicately

  • Preheat a frying pan on medium heat and, once it is hot, put a tiny bit of coconut oil in the middle of the pan. Spread it around using a spatula to try and get the area where you will cook the pancake well coated but not saturated. If you're using a non-stick pan and don't want to use any oil, you can skip this step!

  • Using a large spoon (the wooden spoon you used to mix the ingredients is great), scoop out some of the batter and pour it onto the oiled area of the pan. No need to spread it around.

  • Let it cook for at least 2-3 minutes before flipping and cooking the other side.

  • Set aside and repeat the process with the remaining batter.

  • Serve with additional berries & this wonderful chocolate sauce!


If you make these, tag me on Instagram : I'd really love to see all the variants you guys come up with!

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