Chocolate Coconut Cereal Bars (no-bake, gluten-free)

Chocolate Coconut Cereal Bars

With all our day-to-day activities back in full swing again, the need for snacks is as high as it will ever be, at least that's the case for me!

I knew I wanted chocolate (that's easy, I always want chocolate!) but I also wanted this snack to be feel like I had actually eaten something. Hence the cereal part.

And the coconut brings it all together, both flavor-wise and in terms of texture, it's a match made in heaven.

Chocolate Coconut Bars
DIY Cereal Bars

These bars are really super fudgey and decadent, but what I think I like the most about them is the fact that they could potentially be so versatile. I decided to throw in coconut and nuts, but dried fruits could have worked very well too (think cranberry!). Some spices such as cinnamon or cardamom would also be a nice addition.

Even for those with nut allergies, the same base can be used to make delicious treats. So have fun and experiment!

Choc & Nut Bars

They come together in mere minutes and, because they're no-bake, even children could make these vegan chocolate cereal bars! The recipe calls upon the tried and true method of the mixing bowl atop a pot of boiling water, also known as bain-marie. So if you can boil water on the hob, you can make it!

If wrapped properly and it's not too hot out, they should travel reasonably well but I usually prefer to eat these at home. They'll keep well in the fridge but I find the freezer to be a better option because they will keep for longer and the nuts are less likely to get soft.

Vegan Cereal Bars

The only problem I've had with these is that they were too delicious... so instead of being used as energy bars, they also served as snacks and desserts and they didn't last two days! I regret nothing (and I'm sure Kev doesn't either!)

Chocolate Coconut Cereal Fudge Bars

Chocolate Coconut Cereal Bars



100 g (or a standard-size bar) good quality vegan dark chocolate of your choice

100 g coconut cream (the solid part from a tin of coconut milk)

130 g (1 cup) oats

60 g (2/3 cup) shredded coconut

1-2 tbsp rapadura sugar, coconut sugar or whatever sweetener you like (optional)

1 pinch salt

2 handfuls of mixed nuts &/or seeds or other toppings of choice



  • Pour some water (quarter of the way up) into a small pot and place on the hob to boil

  • Place a mixing bowl (larger than the pot & heat-safe!) on top and add the chocolate and coconut cream to it. As the water boils underneath, it will heat up the chocolate and coconut cream

  • Stir well until all is melted

  • Add in the sugar if using, the salt, the oats and the coconut shreds, mixing well in between.

  • Once everything is well incorporated, line a dish or container (even a Tupperware box will do!) with parchment paper (use compostable if you can!)

  • Spread the chocolate mixture evenly into the lined dish and smooth out the top

  • Add your toppings

  • Refrigerate for at least an hour before slicing

Vegan Candy Bars

If you try these, don’t forget to share your gorgeous pics with us!!!

Chocolate & Coconut Cereal Bars

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