Welcome to the Tiny Vegan Life

Hello, World! And welcome to this very first blog post on The Tiny Vegan Life. I am so glad you stopped by, and I sincerely hope your visit here is everything you hoped it would be.

Here we’ll be talking about a variety of vegan-related things in as fun, educational and non-judgmental a way as possible. This is a space for sharing, learning and communicating our love for all things vegan, eco-friendly and yummy. So we’ll be posting some of our favourite recipes, product and book reviews – which will always be 100% honest, by the way – vegan and eco-friendly swap ideas, and tips to live a more cruelty-free and healthy life. Ok, that seems like a lot and, quite frankly, it is a little daunting for me to make such a commitment… but this is also the best way I’ve found to keep myself accountable and finally start turning this dream into a reality. Our very own little blog full of happy things to share with the world, a little piece of us, and our very small contribution to try and make this world a better place.

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